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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Pi-xcels

Pi-xcels is focused on helping offline (physical brick & mortar) retailers build meaningful relationships with consumers.

We have three guiding principles for our privacy policy​:

  • Collect only necessary information for the provisioning of our service

  • Ensure that consumers & retailers are protected in the due course of collection, storage & usage of information

  • Establish best in class practices and best effort processes to ensure that the systems are kept updated to the evolving needs

​This privacy policy (“Policy”) explains how we collect, use and disclose information about our users/subscribers when you use our app, website and forms.

Data Collection

We use google analytics to facilitate the collection of segment information about prospects & customers for a better and more relevant pi-xcels experience. We may collect information about our customers for the purposes of product demonstration, enabling free trials, sharing of product information and etc. 

We collect specifically designed information through interactions, such as sharing by other users, as well as through the usage of our product(s). We may collect information about devices, location and other details for verification, security, product improvements, analytics, A/B testing, product and user testing, improvement of user experience, engagement campaigns and other purposes.

​​Tracking Information

When a user interacts with our services, we may adopt a variety of aids and custom tracking tools to guide our product development, which can include but not limited to  clickstream analysis to provide better user experience and location based services to verify identity.

​​Data Protection

We make an effort to implement reasonable technological, administrative and physical security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, alteration or destruction. 

Some measures include but are not limited to:

  • Encryption of Personal Data in transit using HTTPS/SSL/TLS and encrypted at rest. 

  • Our database is encrypted and sftp data transfers are encrypted using PGP and data is kept on secure, encrypted servers around the globe.

  • Enforcement of data security culture and practices for our employees, contractors & third-party subcontractors, enforced with Non-Disclosure Agreements.

  • Protection for your account credentials is achieved  by avoiding password-based user sign-in and adopting secure third-party social authentication to ensure no exposure to your password.

  • Data collected is restricted only to the relevant and authorised personnel and  third parties, with all access protected by two-factor authentication. As a rule of thumb, we do not share identifiable individual level data unless authorised.

You may request to purge or delete the data as per the Policy terms or end-user license agreement, however the observation of this request is dependent on regulations and services provided. e.g. If there is no cost for the service provided, the service level agreement (SLA) to purge the data remains at our discretion. Purging of the data will be executed as soon as reasonably possible, however pi-xcels cannot be held liable if the purge doesn't occur successfully. If the SLAs are covered as part of the terms of services, contractual terms will apply.

​Children & Minors

Pi-xcels does not willingly collect any information about children/minors under the age of 16 years. 

However, if such information was accidentally obtained by the system due to the nature of our services rendered to retailers, which can consist of customers of all ages, we encourage any parent who believes that their child may have accidentally shared their information, to please drop a note to immediately, for action to be taken.

​Do Not Track

Do Not Track or DNT is a feature enabled on some browsers that sends signals to request that web applications disable its tracking or cross-site user tracking. At present, due to system design limitations, our services are unable to respond or alter its practices when a DNT signal is received.


We are constantly upgrading our privacy & security measures in our website and app.

Please drop us a note if you have any questions at

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