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Pi-xcels' System of Intelligence for Retail

Equip Retail to Thrive in the New Normal

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Our Methodology

Online toolkits for offline retailers

Pi-xcels is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable customer intelligence solutions for retailers. Our goal is to eliminate the use of wasteful, poisonous and carbon creating BPA/BPS lined thermal paper receipts while giving offline retailers the benefit of cost savings and a data advantage via a shopper data platform. Providing offline retailers the opportunity to use the same AI/ML toolkit that have benefited online retailers.

Our Innovative Technology

Contactless shopper intelligence

At Pi-xcels, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading CPGs and retailers achieve greater success. Our technology enables any POS to be linked to our platform, augmenting any existing retailer's POS infrastructure to issue paperless, interactive e-receipts via a single tap of a consumer’s smartphone without the need for any pre-installed app or photo capture by the shopper. This eliminates friction for mass adoption (no cashier behaviour changes needed) and is environmentally friendly while providing a data platform to assist retailers to identify shoppers and improve shoppers' experiences with rich insights. For a free demo, contact us today.

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Unlocking New Revenue Streams

With a customised system of intelligence

Concierge Desk

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Thrive in the new retail norm with our retail intelligence and e-receipt platform today.

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