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Instant NFC powered digital receipts

No App. Just Tap.
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More than just e-receipts

With our patented technology, we empower offline retailers to issue paperless, interactive e-reciepts via a single tap of a shopper’s smartphone. Each card-present transaction is then transformed into a meaningful interaction.


Interactive Receipts

Create engaging and personalised experience with interactive receipts.  Customers can view purchase-related content such as product information, promotions and provide feedback or request support using the receipt.


Actionable Insights

Get line item data to help understand your customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics.
Make data-driven decisions that can ultimately improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction


Convert Loyalty

Increase loyalty and drive growth for your business by seamlessly Integrating your loyalty programs with our digital receipt making it easy for your customers to track and redeem rewards.

Seamless customer journey

How does it work?
All in one seamless tap, the NFC triggered receipt is fired straight to the customer's phone. No app download, no email address, no phone numbers required


Toward a more sustainable future

Pi-xcels is committed to building a more sustainable future by reducing paper waste and promoting sustainable business practices. Our digital receipt technology offers an eco-friendly solution to paper receipts, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.


Time to

Unlock customer intelligence 

Ready to take the next step towards a more sustainable future with Pi-xcels? Connect with us today to learn more about how our digital receipt solution can benefit your business and the environment.

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