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Say goodbye to paper receipts and hello to digital ones.


Paper receipts are a hidden
environmental problem

More often than not, the paper receipt we get after a purchase ends up in the bin almost immediately! This normalised shopper behaviour results in unnecessary wastage and we don't realise how significant the production and disposal of paper receipts impact the environment.

It is time to phase out paper receipts and for business owners to offer non-printed alternatives.

The true cost of paper receipts

1.4 million tons
(conservative estimate)
of paper receipts were printed globally in 2020.

This was the cost on the environment.

Most paper receipts cannot be recycled

Paper receipts cannot be recycled due to the use of thermal paper containing BPA/BPS, which contaminates other paper products during recycling.

The plastic coating on receipts makes them difficult to recycle and can cause contamination during the process. Additionally, their small size and thinness make them difficult to separate during recycling, causing damage to equipment. 

Because every sheet counts

Support the Paperless Bill today and help us #KillTheBill!

Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Small changes, such as advocating for paperless receipts, and opting for sustainable alternatives, can have a significant impact on the environment.

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Thank you for contributing toward
a more sustainable future!

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